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Front Derailleur Post


dpost2.jpg (300002 bytes)Click on this Thumbnail to see the full size picture. Warning it is quite large so as not to lose detail. 

I was also asked how to cut a slot in the tube.  It is very easy, first you shape the end of the tube to fit the bottom bracket between the mounting plates.

Second, you mark the front and the back of the tube about an inch to inch and one half from the shaped end.  

Third, you take a hacksaw and cut on one of the marks straight across the tube until you open a slot large enough for the hose clamp to fit through ( maybe a little larger so you have some play).  Turn the tube over and repeat with the other mark.

Now you can pass a hose clamp through the tube.  I suggest passing the hose clamp through the tube from front to back. Then under the bottom bracket around back to the front. You would then join the hose clamp and tighten.  This way the clamp's screw will be facing up so you can get to it easily.