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Dave's Kickstand

Dave Hamilton's

Kickstand project


I just mounted a Royal Enfield ($7.99 at LBS) rear axle mounted kickstand. Brad Eschler made a post about mounting a rear axle-triangle kickstand on Sept. 22, 1999. I hacksawed about an inch off the forward portion of the mounting plate. It was curved and was designed to wrap around the rounded chainstay of a wedgie. This leaves you with a fairly flat plate to mount onto the left rear chainstay. I have not drilled into the chainstay yet, to add an extra bolt to stabilize it. The kickstand does not seem to move. This kickstand does not interfere with my BOB. The bike is much more stable when parked, than with the factory kickstand, with or without the BOB. With most of the weight near the rear, it seems like an ideal mounting location. Also, I am right footed (didn't play much soccer) so folding it up and down feels more natural to me. Almost like the wedgies I rode for 40 years. I have not forgotten to fold it yet. I mount and dismount my LWB on the left side, like my horses.

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Pictures of the Kickstand

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Grand Stand

. It is called the Grand Stand. I got it for rallies. I
was afraid people would snap my original kickstand while looking or leaning
on the bike. It also works well at home.

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Dave's Handlebars with bar ends

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